Our company sells state-of-the-art safety equipment and cash handling equipment of the highest quality, offering also a comprehensive post-sales support.

The primary goal of Vivex Group d.o.o. is to meet the customer’s needs and continuously promote our business performance. Accordingly, the products in our offer include reliable high-quality equipment that will respond to all modern business demands. Vivex Group d.o.o. has an efficient team of experts ready to provide high-quality services to the buyer at all times. As a result, we have a long list of faithful customers.

The high quality products and services our company offers have been recognized by a large number of clients, first of all business banks, the National Bank of Serbia, CIT companies, state institutions and public companies, casinos, exchange offices etc. Vivex Trading exports its products to the countries in the region, aiming to develop further and strengthen our position on the global market.